千本桜・和楽器バンド 鈴華ゆう子さんの衣装お作りました!Created Ms.Yuko's costume for Senbonzakura of Wagakkiband!

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Ever since its' public release on January 31st, Wagakki Band's "Senbonzakura" video has been getting more and more views! I have actually been in charge of creating Yuko-san's outfits for Wagakki Band's last two videos, Rokutyounen to Ichiya monogatari(六兆年と一夜物語) and Tengaku(天樂), as well as her solo video and the video for Hyakunen yakou(百年夜行) by Kineie Nami shyachu(杵家七三社中) which she had starred in.



For this outfit, I made the sleeve length short on purpose and added a "rock" touch by adding multiple shiny rosary-like bracelets.
I made it so that when looked at from the back, the beautiful pink obi (sash) and the hem of the haori coat sags and looks as though they are being dragged when Yuko walks.


I bought the pink kimono cloth used in the brim of the laced haori coat and obi a while back upon falling in love with its colour. I'm truly grateful that I bought it and that an opportunity to use it presented itself! (Yet another addition to my extensive cloth collection)


Though one cannot tell from watching the video, this pink cloth has a sakura pattern.


For the Date collar(overlapped collar), two cloths of different colours have been overlapped. One is a pink cloth with holograms and the other is a yellow-ish green cloth.
The combination resembles cherry blossoms!
I love the embroidery on the inner collar!


The sash is actually my mother's double-woven obi! As she did not need it any more, I decided to remake it into a corset-style sash.


The obi-jime (string used to hold a kimono sash knot in place) is from my own long-sleeved kimono. I decided to use it as it went perfectly with this coctume!


The video was shot in Fukushima prefecture, in the freezing cold.
Despite such circumstances, the members of the band gave a magnificent performance!

It was a beautiful place!

The night view was great too!

※公開許可済み ※ピンボケ残念

Finally - a commemoration photo!
*Fortunately, I was able to receive permission to put this up on my blog! Unfortunately the photo is a bit out of focus!



This is a picture of me with Yuko-san and Sakai-san (A hair and make-up artist whose works I have admired from before, and who I've known from her works. Her hair and make-up is always spot on!)
I rarely take pictures with people like this, but I couldn't resist- I was so happy!
This is the third time I've worked with these ladies, and fortunately, this time, I was able to conjure up the courage to ask for a group picture!

It is a blessing to be able to work with such wonderful people.